Network Services

o remain competitive and successful in your own business, is to have the basic holding adequate and reliable functioning IT. We Nebra technology offer comprehensive network services. From the establishment on maintenance and support of the system, through to employee training we take care of everything related to your IT system. Depending on company size, we find suitable and economical solutions for your daily tasks. Our experts will advise you in a non-binding discussion and create an initial analysis. You then have the choice whether you want to set up your corporate network by us or prefer to engage any other IT service providers. In Nebra You benefit from the expertise of an expert team that is continuously formed and is always up to date technological developments. Our special service is part of a corresponding network service. Our team comprises experts both for smaller companies with a few employees as well as for the larger SMEs. They all point before certified qualifications and work out the best IT solution with most current expertise for your property.
Network service around the clock
The best way to deal with network problems is to put on a sound prevention. Thus problems and impediments to work do not occur, your administrator every effort to provide you with the best possible IT system. However, should a fault arise, provide personal support and a 24 hour emergency service PC that you can operate properly again as soon as possible. Your individual supervisor is set up not only from the beginning to your corporate network, but is available in retrospect always as direct contact. So you always know whom to contact, and the respective expert knows your system and your needs and immediately knows what to do. If your personal advisor is not available due to illness or vacation, assumes a fixed representative whose duties. This is of course also well informed about your system and offering you with any