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Data recovery from hard drives
Data loss in hard disks occurs more quickly and unexpected one than is often assumed. Fortunately for you, we can assure you of our work practice: Most data recovery and data recovery is possible, no matter whether it is a damage due to dropping or water to surge damage, the failure of an electronic component or - simply - as is often the case a disk exit by sector error is. Of course we help you even with logical defects of your storage media.
Prices Data Recovery NAS RAID Server
Data Recovery from NAS / RAID
Your NAS [Network Attached Storage System] is affected by a loss of data? 030 Data Recovery helps. We have several years of experience with RAID data recovery and NAS data recovery regardless of RAID level with demonstrable success. Since the success of a data recovery from previous erroneous rescue attempts may be affected significantly, we recommend: Do not reboot or even a rebuild of your NAS and no further installations by, but disconnect your device from the power and contact us.

Data recovery SSD drives
Data recovery from SSD
Data recovery from SSD disks: SSD disk (solid state drive) are i.a. That contain the user data from a controller chip that controls the memory access, as well as from multiple memory chips. Each SSD components may suffer a defect, thus making the data inaccessible, often occur but also firmware error (for example, Intel CTX-Bug) or other electronic defects that lead to data loss. The data recovery from SSD drives is usually still possible to contact us - we make your data restored.